About Me
I'm a software developer based in Leicestershire in England. I specialise in creating solutions using Microsoft .NET.

Having always had an interest in computers and after graduating from the University of Warwick where I studied Computer Science, I initially joined a company called Unisys in London. Working in the area of International banking I helped Unisys design and develop a number of features for their financial systems over a period of three years. These were being sold in the Middle East, where I spent some time out in Bahrain working side by side with the customer to integrate and run their systems.

After three years I moved back home to the Midlands and have worked for over fifteen years with a small telecommunications company. I have written many solutions for them, including a fully featured communications gateway comprising text messaging and postal services which is integrated into the entire company product portfolio. The solution provides a fully automated billing engine for over 500 customers including automatic invoicing and credit card payments. I have also created software which is installed in hundreds of GP surgeries to book appointments and send confirmation and reminder messages to patients via multiple communication paths.

I have also worked on police Airwave terminal systems using SDS messages, been a domain administrator for over ten years and used GPS positioning systems to produce loneworker solutions for various public sectors.

I have produced Winforms and ASP.NET solutions using Visual Studio, Microsoft Access database solutions and worked with many versions of SQL Server as a back end database.

I created this website to help me learn about the various features in ASP.NET and to host any public projects. I hope you find it useful.
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